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About Us

Digital Warehouse is a market leading provider of cloud-based storage. Our mission is to provide an affordable and secure cloud solution for businesses and individuals.

Our innovative platform is made with you in mind. The user experience is focused on simplicity, so you will be able to backup and access your data quickly and smoothly.

The amount of unstructured data is growing and it’s becoming a mounting challenge. We solve this with our latest product – DigitWare. DigitWare doesn’t just store documents, photos, videos, images or audio files. Instead, it analyses every file, structuring it in such a way that makes it easy and quick to locate, just like a search engine. But that’s not all, in just a few clicks, you can secure all your files with military-grade encryption. That’s why more than 3 million users across the world count on the technology we use.

So, if you’re looking for an efficient and innovative way of backing up & securing your data, then contact the team at DigitWare – the intelligent choice for cloud storage.


Automatic Backup

Digital Warehouse Cloud makes it easier to automatically back up your files from any data source, all from one location.


Digital Warehouse Cloud is built entirely on Amazon Web Services (AWS), the world leader in cloud computing. AWS complies with a long list of global regulations and industry standards.

Users Management

Digital Warehouse Cloud has a centralised administration console, where you can deploy, configure, grant access, audit and restore data to users all without having to leave your seat.

Mobile Apps

Boost collaboration and productivity with Digital Warehouse Cloud. From a handheld device, users can discover any content from any device and also protect their data stored on their tablet or mobile phone.

Tribrid Technology

Not all data should be treated the same. Some users want their data at their fingertips, while others may want to store their data for archival and compliance purposes.
Local Storage, Instant Storage & Cold Storage

Realtime Search

Do you use Google? We are just as simple and accurate to use. Search anything from anywhere instantly, whether you have one device, or tens of thousands of devices around the globe, whether it’s a few files or billions of files, find what you are looking for easily, and instantly.

Enterprise Ready

Serving high level enterprises with key features like users' permissions, administrator roles, remote restore, active directory deployment, advanced auditing, encryption & MFA support and many more

Data Transport

Our Import/Export service allows you to securely send your data directly to our data centres; saving you time and bandwidth instead of transferring the data over the internet.


  •   Content Search (eDiscovery)
  •   Media Aware
  •   A.I. Photo Detection
  •   Facial & Photo Recognition
  •   OCR
  •   Complete Audit
  •   SaaS File Discovery


  •   Simple Administration
  •   Smart Filters & Tagging
  •   Storage Types
  •   Tribrid Technology
  •   Cold Storage


  •   Intelligent Archiving
  •   Remote Restore
  •   Mobile Apps
  •   Sharing


  •   Backup Everything (Unified intelligent cloud)
  •   MS SQL Backup
  •   Automatic Protection
  •   Security/Compliances
  •   SaaS Protection
  •   BigMIND Import/Export
  •   Snowball
  •   BYOHD

Contact Us

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Phone: +91 9167691996